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  • Class notes November 2020

    My apologies to all members of the class, but I am late in getting this in. As a result, it will be necessarily short, which is probably just fine with many of you. Why am I late, you ask. Well, how’s this for a reason?  When I opened the last YAM issue to the “In…

  • These Things Happen

    Since graduation Richard Kramer [SM] has been a cruise host, editorial assistant, TV writer, producer, director, playwright and screenwriter. And now, at age 60, he has published his first novel, These Things Happen.

  • Class Notes September-October 2013

    Greetings from the broad & balmy banks of the Connecticut River! Last day of the Yale Entrepreneurial Institute’s Summer Accelerator today, and all nine student ventures are presenting their final pitches to an audience of mentors, investors, and other entrepreneurs tonight. With any luck, some will receive critical funding and be able to aggressively move…