Class Notes September-October 2013

Greetings from the broad & balmy banks of the Connecticut River! Last day of the Yale Entrepreneurial Institute’s Summer Accelerator today, and all nine student ventures are presenting their final pitches to an audience of mentors, investors, and other entrepreneurs tonight. With any luck, some will receive critical funding and be able to aggressively move forward. The nervous tension is high!

Not a long column today, as I’ve not received much new news. I did have a nice long conversation with Tres Davidson prompted by my mention of his viewing of the National Championship game in the last column. We both mused how we think of Connecticut as so-Yale centric and the same with Quinnipiac, yet few “men on the street” outside of greater New Haven seemed aware that these two schools were vying for the national championship. On this subject, Phil Clark sent in the following about his experience at the championship game:

“A truly magical weekend back in mid-April! My timing to be on the Yale Hockey Association Board couldn’t have occurred at a better time. Several ’74 class members actually attended both the semi-finals and finals in Pittsburgh: Chip Davisson and his wife; Greg Wiber (former YHA President); Skip Prince; Brian Kelly sat with me during the finals game, 2 rows off the ice right where the Yale players leapt into the glass and the crowd after they scored — magical, magical moments!!! All of us that ever played a sport while at Yale should be enormously proud—this accomplishment has not only put Yale Hockey on the map, but I hope it will produce huge dividends for and energize all Yale sports and further a belief (or help erase a doubt) that Yale is more than just an academic institution and can be competitive athletically at all relevant levels. Our new President seems tuned in to this issue! Have a great rest of the summer!”

I couldn’t agree with you more Phil! And a funny note from Richard Kramer:

“I think I’ve sent in maybe one class note since graduation! Anyway — I recently taught television writing at the Yale Writers Workshop. At first it seemed as if all Yale’s buildings were like properties in a game of Monopoly, that someone had scooped up, shaken in their hands, and then let tumble out wherever they might go. Is that where Trumbull was? It seems that it was, after all. Time changes maps on you. I’ve also recently published my first novel, THESE THINGS HAPPEN. HBO just bought the rights to it for a half-hour series. I am writing the pilot now, and I’ll be producing it with Oprah Winfrey. I hope you’re well, even if I don’t remember you.”

Ha, well I don’t remember Richard either, but these days there’s lots I don’t remember! So Richard, come to our reunion next May and we will acquaint or reacquaint ourselves.

Lastly, I recently enjoyed lunch with Sharyar Aziz, my co-Class Secretary, and our newly volunteered Chair for our 40th Reunion, Alec Haverstick. I use “volunteered” intentionally, as I suspect, Alec would say he was volunteered! Like the old joke goes: “Everyone who doesn’t want to volunteer take a step backwards. Not you Alec”. But he has grabbed the bulldog by the ears and seems to be pumped for a very fun weekend come spring 2014. Meanwhile, we will see about a class activity or two over the next 10 months to prime the pump.

That’s all I have for this column. Send me your latest news!


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  1. Handsome Dan Avatar
    Handsome Dan

    What are the dates of the 40th Class Reunion? Enquiring minds would like to know?

    I’m interested in participating in a pickup-band similar to the one Rick Okie pulled together at the 30th, and willing to help organize it.

    Cheers from down under in New Zealand, where as of this writing we eagerly anticipate the Kiwis winning the America’s Cup.

  2. Handsome Dan Avatar
    Handsome Dan

    Forgot to give my name: Jeff Johnson.

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