Tom Strumolo solar Jimmy Carter White House

Tom Strumolo on “Energy, Earth, Everything”

Tom Strumolo ( ’74, YFES ’88), an expert on solar power and energy efficiency, spoke to classmates at our virtual lunch in April 2021. He called his talk, “Energy, Earth, Everything.”

“I started my company Energy General in 1976,” Tom said, “and have completed energy efficiency and clean power projects in and on 10,000 + buildings over the years.”

“One building was the White House on which I installed solar hot water panels in 1978-79. I met Jimmy Carter then and later did a Habitat for Humanity project with him in the South Bronx, in the early 1980’s.”

“My career was slow and steady after that, really taking off when the Germans created a whole new solar market and Obama became President. I am currently working with DOE on doing a million buildings in 4 years.”