Suggestions, please!

This site is (and will probably always be) a work in progress by classmate volunteers. A considerable upgrade is expected during 2020-21. If you have a suggestion, a question, or find something broken, please email, or add a comment here.

–stu rohrer
’74 webmaster


4 responses to “Suggestions, please!”

  1. Todd Jonz Avatar
    Todd Jonz

    This will probably be of little interest to few people other than myself, but I would like to see tighter integration between items posted to the web site and its RSS feed. This post, for example, appeared in the RSS feed (which is the only reason I happened to see it) but featured articles do not. I do the vast majority of my daily news reading via RSS, and I would be pleased to see more Yale ’74 content made available via RSS.

  2. Thanks Todd, I’ve added your RSS request to our requirements – we hope to upgrade the site this year so it can become more accessible (and more fun) for us in the years ahead. –stu

  3. Kevin McKean Avatar
    Kevin McKean

    Hi Stu,
    My passsword manager is giving an “unsafe website” warning on the Yale 74 site — probably because the site is not requiring https secure communication. It’s an easy fix, as you no doubt know. Hope this helps!

  4. Thanks for your note – we’re aware of the “unsafe” warnings (they appear on firefox browsers, too, among others).    We are in the process of upgrading the site (to a new, more secure hosting platform, with full https: security), so the issue will be moot soon!   The current site is safe, as far as we know, despite the warning. Let me know if you see anything fishy. –stu rohrer, webmaster

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