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1Favorite memoriesTell us a favorite memory of your time at Yale. What is the story behind it?2024-02-18Betsy, Barbara84Review
2Influential professorsWhich professor, course, or campus leader most influenced you at Yale? Is there a particular moment or incident you can tell us about? 2024-02-25Jean, Kit76Review
3Dumb thingsWhat's the dumbest thing you did at Yale?  Tell us that story. 2024-03-03Anne, Stu42Review
4Political awarenessTell us how political issues affected your Yale experience. Do you remember a specific incident? How do you think back on that time today?2024-03-10Betsy, Barbara23Review
5Sex and sexualityWhat role did sex and sexuality play in your life at Yale? Can you recall a specific incident that illustrates your experience? How has your thinking evolved in the years since?2024-03-17Carolyn, Gilbert2Review
6Pop culture influencesWhat music, movie, book or artwork played a formative role in your college experience? 2024-03-24Wes0Review
7DiscoveriesWhat is the most unexpected or amazing discovery you made at Yale (or because of Yale)? 2024-03-31Jean0Review
8SouvenirsWhat keepsakes/photos/objects have you kept from your Yale days? 2024-04-07Stu, Wes0Review
9Better world?We protested against the world our parents built. Did we build a better one?2024-04-14Jeff, Joan Hendricks-Garvan0Review
10Yale valueHow did your Yale education make a difference in your career? 2024-04-21Brad Graham0Review
11Show and tellShow us (or tell us about) something you created (or collected) in the past five decades. (books, paintings, songs, designs, inventions…) 2024-04-28Stu0Review
12Time leftOn average, we have about 15 years left to live. How do you plan to use that time? 2024-05-05Carolyn0Review