Class Notes March 2013

(for the May-June 2013 issue of Yale Alumni Magazine)
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Greetings from the Connecticut River! Where have all the tree tops gone? Sandy picked them every one. And what Sandy didn’t get, the megasnows this winter got the rest. Our yard looks like it was in the way of a soccer game between the Titans. But, as I write this in late March, at least the weather is (finally) beginning to warm up enough to be able to think about going outside to start to clean it up. So, I’m starting to think about it. Hey, don’t rush me.

So, from the mailbox. Most of my mail comes electronically these days, although about once or twice a year I get a bunch of notes that people have written on their dues letters. These analog communications I put into a “paper file” and place in my “paper file drawer”. Given the way we live in this digital world, this paper file thingie doesn’t always get opened when its time to write a column. Hence, when I do tear my eyes away from the laptop to look in the file thingie, lo and behold, there are communications in there that are, um, a bit old. So, apologies in advance, here are some of the ones that you sent in and wondered if you would ever see in print. From Steve Hefner on the occasion of a “recent” birthday (and we all know which one this was):

By the sun’s rising, he had foreseen the ending
blanks in the typewriter,
shot in the Boss
the field tents shredded beyond further mending
the high ground cratered, not worth defending.

I thought, could it really be such a hell,
these empty sheets wanting
for well-lighted lines,
that you’d prefer being hosed from a ball-turret farewell?
Why not some golf — collect a few shells?

There are dawns, I’ve learned since, that break like bombs,
timed to the moment
bursting from behind,
and the forces you’d trusted to bear up your psalms
are suddenly quiet — reluctant, becalmed.

Alarms toll through the morning: Prepare to engage!
the dying of light!
the dimming of love!
If I must — but for now I’ll chance just marking the age,
and try to fend off worse by filling a page.

Scott Glascock appeared as a judge in the short film “Fetus Envy”, which you can see at A nice long note from Peter St. Clair on the subject of the ad that was run in YAM by Skip Prince and Brian Clarke that asked questions about Yale’s commitment to Ivy League sports. Peter observed, “Yes, Yale has lost a lot of football and basketball games. And hockey, while holding its own, has fewer prospects enrolling…On the other hand Yale has won an extraordinary number of men’s and women’s titles in other sports…Living out west and attending grad school at UCLA may give me a perspective from which to comment. Stanford is a good model…so are UCLA and Berkeley. They maintain first-rate NCAA Division 1 athletic programs while graduating marvelous students. Why can’t Yale? Let’s have a discussion.”

From Scott Stone: “After 33 years as a lawyer in Washington, DC, I have become a science teacher. I taught chemistry last year and am teaching physics this year. It’s a lot of fun but a lot of work. Good thing I’m only 60.” Touché Scott! Louise Ing reports that her son Kurt Zwald, graduated from Tuck this past year is now loving his job as a business analyst with the Boston Red Sox and Fenway Sports Management. I received a press release announcing that Constance Lau has been appointed to the National Infrastructure Advisory Council by President Obama. She is currently President and Chief Executive Officer of Hawaiian Electric Industries, Inc.

There’s more, so we will continue with the paper archeological dig in the next column. Enjoy the arrival of spring!


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