Dues notice from our treasurer, Harvey Kent

May 2023

Dear Classmate:

Greetings from Miami Beach! It’s me – your Class of 1974 Treasurer. Wait! Life interruption alert. I am not in NYC. Read below to find out how I got here!

As I have for almost 30 years, I am writing on behalf of our class to ask you to pay dues. As you probably know, dues are used to defray the cost of reunions (50th is coming!), class functions and the occasional enjoyable event.

Our class treasury is in good shape. We will keep our recommended amount at $100. Here’s the link: https://alumni.yale.edu/dues/yc1974

So, let’s talk about that 50th Reunion event. You must attend!

We have already organized a committee. Many people have stepped forward to help. Our overall goal is to provide an experience to which all feel welcome. Importantly, we want to be sure there is something each attendee can relate to. 

How? Our Women’s affinity groups were very well received at our last reunion. We want to expand that list of groups. There were so many different types of bonds and connections formed at Yale. This reunion celebration of life is a great opportunity to focus on these. Think of all those relationships that need some tender care in order to re-blossom! Classmates, time marches on. Every month your class officers get updated necrology. Our classmates are appearing more often on that list.

Why pay the Class Dues? A lot of the funds will help to defray the cost of this important Reunion. So, pay your dues. And mark your calendar.

Are you getting our emailed invitations to the Monthly Class Zoom? If not, maybe we don’t have your current email address. (Send it to me or to stu@yale74.org or directly to alumni records) We now have about 850 classmates on our ’74 email list. But, we are missing about 200 email addresses. We send email invites to the Zoom each month and it’s great to see long-lost faces showing up. It’s now the second Tuesday of the month.

Our topics ran the gamut the last year: Buddhism guided my life; Where is the Supreme Court headed; Losing my Spouse. How I coped; Going back to work at Yale; Kidnapping for Christ. Some fun, all thoughtful and engaging.

We also have a Facebook page. It’s private. I don’t log on for anything else but our Class page. We have just about 100 classmates in our Private Room. Email me, Alec or Stu if you want to join and we can invite you in.

We also have a class website at https://yale74.org with searchable Class Notes, recordings of all our Zoom presentations, reunion photos and a full directory of our classmates. If you forgot your credentials, drop an email to Stu stu@yale74.org

Do you all know how easy it is to take advantage of Yale educational resources? Enjoy Yale podcasts and videos; take a short Yale Alumni Academy course; enroll in a longer course on Coursera; hear previously recorded courses, lectures and talks on YouTube and Open Yale Courses; and access JSTOR and HeinOnline. Just click this link https://alumni.yale.edu/learn/learn-online

I like to finish my letter with Kent family news.

As I mentioned in a previous missive, we had moved permanently to our place in Miami Beach (where my wife grew up). Our unplanned, unwanted renovation in our NYC coop is finally complete. The lawsuit against our upstairs neighbors is not. Did you all know that lawsuits are expensive? But, once again, we have a NYC home. And it’s in mint condition. So, we are back and forth frequently. I’m still working part-time (maybe 50%). A long career in Ad-Tech has left me with many contacts that appreciate my advice. And I’m having fun. Better than a real job! I would be remiss not to mention our great joy – our grandson. Many of you know that bliss as well.

I’ll add the class dues link one more time. Please go to the web site below and send us your pledge, payment and class information in one easy step! https://alumni.yale.edu/dues/yc1974

I do hope this letter finds you and your loved ones well. Take care everyone.

Your treasurer,

Harvey Kent