Class Notes September 2016

I am writing these notes on September 9, 2016 and it is with a heavy heart that I must open them with a report on the loss of another classmate.

Scott Glascock, active member of the class of 1974, current president of the Yale Club of New York City, attorney, actor and good friend, lost a four month fight with esophageal cancer on August 27th. It was, in a sense, a noiseless fight because Scott kept it largely to himself. I knew he wasn’t well when he demurred from our monthly class lunches in May and June (he was a regular participant), so I called him to see what was wrong. He said he had had “a few issues with cancer” but was sure he would see me in the fall. He mentioned “cancer” so lightly and ended the call with such grace that I assumed it was not particularly worrisome to him, put down the phone and went back to my daily life. I didn’t see him around the Yale Club much, however (and I’m there a lot), where he could be usually be found after five in the second floor lounge or taking the occasional nap in the men’s locker room (his snoring was prodigious), but I really didn’t give it much thought. The next thing I knew, he was gone.

I liked Scott a lot. Our lives were strangely intertwined. He came to Yale from Short Hills, NJ, where I have resided for 38 years; and from The Pingry School, which gave us about eight classmates, where each of my children went and where I had been on the board and, as I did, he left Simpson Thacher and Bartlett for a career in financial services. In Short Hills, I met Scott’s parents who were kind enough to write supporting letters for my family when we joined the local club. Transplanted Virginians, their graciousness was clearly transferred to Scott. As I got to know Scott better, I realized there was a lot of Virginia in the man.

Obituaries will list the schools Scott attended, the firms for which he worked and the boards on which he sat, but Scott, at his core, was not about any of those things. What he was about was acting. It was his true vocation. Sarah Ann Rodgers, who informed me of Scott’s death and who met him through acting, has told me of a Scott I would never have known existed and whom I’m sorry I never met. Facebook has been replete with posts of those who acted with Scott and many of the pictures posted are literally hysterical. I laughed just looking at them totally out of context. Scott Glascock: hysterically funny actor, caring soul and friend. See you on the other side.

I don’t want this to turn into a monthly obituary section, and I’d like to print more news if I’d received some. As I haven’t, I’ll close with part of an email received from David Stone, who was kind enough to let me know that Sherrod Brown was in Davenport and also had a nice approach to the flow of information or lack thereof:

“I think our class doesn’t supply much news because sending the good news is bragging, sending the bad news is depressing (I admittedly did help populate the sadly increasing in memoriam list), and the in-between sort of news, e.g. normal, everyday life or the equivalent of cute cat videos, is likely to be boring. That said, I think it is important to have this kind of updated and accessible news forum for our class, especially for those of us who do not do social media i.e. FB, like myself. So, please do keep it up, but just don’t make it up! If we send nothing, we get to read and learn nothing.”

One more piece of correspondence deserves mention which came this morning from Peter Pelikan:

“Inspired by your open inclusion of a number of complaints regarding our Class Notes in the Sep/Oct 2016 issue of the Yale Alumni mag, may I also point out: You state you will honor two classmates who have passed on, and then discuss three classmates and a classmate’s wife. Doesn’t add up.

More importantly, Dr. Martha Roper cared about all people and dedicated her career to bettering the world’s health. I knew her quite well, and can assure you, however, that she never worked to improve the health of the rich and famous playing polo. Polio, another story.

Marty’s Yale friends all miss her incisive intelligence, wit and passion deeply. She was a force in all of our lives.”

Thank you, Peter, and thank you to those classmates who joined our lunch at the YCNY on September 6th. You know who you are.


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