45th Reunion - 2019

Class notes March 2019

Ok, friends, let me get something straight. I know Kevin Rogan did not throw five touchdown passes to Gary Lucas, he of Captain Beefheart fame. As Rick Fehling (or, more accurately, Chief Judge Rick Fehling) points out, he probably didn’t throw them all to Gary Fencik. The point is that the editors of the YAM don’t know a Lucas from a Fencik or else they would have caught my error. If the occupant of the White House can get away with saying, “It’s everybody’s fault but mine,” can’t I as well? Ok, admit it, I screwed.

I don’t know if this will be published before or after the reunion, so I will reserve my “thank yous” for all who are working so hard to make this happen, but I will set forth the general theme for our gathering.

We have four sessions where the class and its guests convene as a whole: two on Friday afternoon and two on Saturday afternoon. There will also be a woman’s lunch, organized by Linden Wise and Sue Klebanoff on Saturday. The Content Committee, led by Fred Peters and Marion Suter, was early on challenged to find a way to get as much participation as possible in these sessions. Lectures by distinguished classmates were considered and ultimately dismissed as was the ideas of panels on various topics. We finally decided, with the help of some pretty pithy suggestions from Tom Strumolo, that the best thing to do was to provide all our classmates with a forum for a continuing conversation about the opportunities Yale provided us and what we have made of them. So here’s the general plan:

  • We are viewing the content of our four sessions (plus the woman’s lunch) as a continuum of questions that go from the past to the future and which we hope people will be willing to risk answering in a public forum
  • To that end we will send the questions out in advance of the reunion so people can think about them
  • We are considering a format of open rather than panel discussion to allow those who are “moved” to speak the freedom to do so. Think Quaker Meeting
  • We will have a moderator for each session and have planted someone to go first


One question will provide the context for each of the four sessions as follows:

*   Session 1: What expectations did you have entering Yale and how did your experience there met/not meet /surprise / surpass those expectations? Please feel free to include parental and cultural expectations in your discussion
*   Session 2: How did your Yale experience shape/not shape the paths you took immediately following Yale and how did those work out? Did you feel you were able to control what you could control or were you more frustrated by what you could not?
*   Session 3: As you consider your life today, are your expectations that you developed at Yale fulfilled? Deferred? Unlikely to be realized? No matter which, are you content with your life or are you still on the search?  Do you feel like you have made the most of the opportunities Yale provided and what does that mean in the context of your values?
* Session 4: Where do you go from here? If you were to return in five years, how, if at all, would you have wanted your story to have changed?”

I look forward to seeing you all there!


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