Class notes September 2020

Greetings:  Since launching our email recovery campaign as announced in the last YAM, we are grateful to have received emails from many of you either volunteering your email addresses or asking if we have them. We have even received emails from several of you who didn’t realize they had requested Yale not release their emails to the class. We appreciate the positive response! If by any chance you are not getting the emails we are sending out independent of YAM, please let me know at

Here are some of the people we have heard from in recent weeks with stories to tell, information to impart or even just an email address update:

Paul Williams, Marc Cramolini, Manny Ramos, Charlie Schwartz, Ted Swett, Kenny Maguire, Brian Clarke, McKim Symington, Joan Katter, Jane Miller, Dan Voll, Rob Cohen, Tom Strumolo, Kate Wodell, Stan Weiss, Eric Letovsky, Fred Peters, Michael Gotts, Anne Riney, Susan Lightfoot Doud, Gale Haynes, Jane Hammersley McLaughlin, Pedro Castillo, Ralph Fascitelli and I’m sure the list is not exhaustive. 

The plan is to post their stories and pretty much anything each would like to say on our existing website and in our new email newsletter. The latter will offer stories such as Eric Letovsky’s  that are quite personal and perhaps better suited for an intra-class communication than a widely distributed magazine. So get ready for Manny Ramos on Havana nights, Mark Cramolini on the problems of going by your middle name, Carolyn Grillo on anything she wants to write about, and even Fred Peter’s Forbes musings on NYC real estate.  We, through the great efforts of Harvey Kent and Stu Rohrer, are working on releasing a new and improved website on or about November 1st. November should prove an interesting month. Person, man, woman, camera, TV. 

This is the part where I do the shout out to friends whose pithy comments I see on FB but never in our publications: hey there Charlie Thorne, Peter Marshall, Peter White and Tom Corbi. Send in some news! And note how I am getting a lot of names in this column…it’s all part of a strategy to get you engaged by the 50th.

Two weeks ago saw a virtual cocktail party held at cocktail hour in NYC which we hope to expand to other time zones as soon as we can find someone to host them. We had about 35 attendees and were treated to a “where do we stand on Covid” by Stan Weiss, who is in the thick of the fight but whose state (yes folks, New Jersey!!!) seems to be doing pretty well. The recording of the interactive presentation can be found….on our website. Okay, I know I’m about as subtle as a tank, but I got a job to do here.  Please join me in wishing Ghislaine Maxwell well. I don’t think she was in our class.

Okay: three sad pieces of news. I may have put the news of Rick Volo’s passing in an email, but I am not sure I put it in these notes. I heard the news from Ralph Fascitelli  but I wanted to make sure to recognize Rick, loyal son of Derby, CT and, from what I hear, a very effective attorney in this column.

We also lost Eric Luse to prostate cancer which he had apparently fought for ten years. Eric and his wife, Susan, a law school classmate lived in Chevy Chase, Maryland, founded his own law firm and was nationally known for his work with community banks. He leaves behind his wife, three children and two grandchildren, We send them our thoughts and prayers as we do to Rick’s family.

I’m going to end this with a lovely note from Charlie Schwartz:

“I was overjoyed that Ann Larson sent in the announcement that my wife, Hope Dellon (also Yale, Branford, 74 BA, + Yale, MA English, ’75), died on February 19th.  I kept telling myself I’d do it, but it has all been too hard – we met as juniors at Yale- ours, as you know, was the 2nd co-ed class, but lots of junior transfer women were accepted to get the female numbers up as quickly as possible.

 Hope was a junior transfer.  Before meeting her, her 2 roommates, who I knew very well since our freshman year on, had told me how much they hated her, and how she was the stereotypic transfer- brainy, bookish, plain/ugly, socially awkward, w/o social skills.

I saw someone I thought was probably Hope, and sat at her table, and proceeded to tell her what her new roommates had told me about her…. and somehow that was the start of our 48-years together.”

That’s the glory of, that’s the story of…

Be safe out there.