Class Dues reminder from Harvey Kent

Dear Classmates:
Greetings from New York City! It’s me – your Class of 1974 Treasurer. Wait! Covid life interruption alert. I am not in NYC. It’s Croton-on-Hudson, NY right now. Read below to find out how I got here!

harvey kent
Harvey Kent

But it is that time of year again. As I have for more almost 30 years, I am writing on behalf of our class to ask you to pay dues. As you probably know, dues are used to defray the cost of reunions (50th is coming!), class functions and the occasional enjoyable event. In the past, I’ve poked fun at myself for getting the dues request out later and later. My quote, “… If I get this note out any later next year, I will be able to send out 2 years at the same time.” Guess what?!? This is a TWO YEAR dues letter. I didn’t send a letter last year. I’m blaming Covid-19.

Still, our class treasury is in good shape. We will keep our recommended amount at $100. Without a letter from me and the pandemic interrupting everything, dues payers plummeted. I want to thank the 57 classmates who paid anyway. I appreciate that. And for the rest of you…you can always opt for a $200 donation this time around. Here’s the link: 1974 Dues

Are you getting our emailed invitations to the Monthly Class Zoom? If not, maybe we don’t have your current email address. (Send it to me – – or to  or directly to alumni records We now have about 850 classmates on our ’74 email list. We send email invites to the Zoom each month and it’s great to see long-lost faces showing up. Still first Tuesday of the month. If we have a theme and/or speaker, we advertise that. If not, we just get together. The in-person Yale Club lunches? When they restart, we are switching them to occur quarterly. 

On the subject of Zoom meetings, our “Rock and Revolution” multi-class event last spring was one of our experiments. Lessons learned: multi-class functions are great. Lots of interaction among the participants. Plus, manage the speaker and content more closely.

On the subject of communication and, dare I say it, getting together in person, we are working on a mini-reunion for Autumn 2022. We already have reached out to some of you. Look for more questionnaires. We want your input!

We also have a Facebook page. It’s private. Don’t get me started on Facebook. I don’t log on for anything else but our Class page. We have just about 100 classmates in our Private Room. Email me, Alec or Stu if you want to join and we can invite you in.

We also have a private class website at with videos of our Zoom presentations, classmate updates, reunion photos, searchable Class Notes and a Class Directory full of your profiles. If you forgot your credentials for the site, drop an email to Stu 

Do you all know how easy it is to take advantage of Yale educational resources? Check out this site – Yale Learning – to find Yale faculty lectures, podcasts, courses, etc. 

I like to finish my letter with Kent family news. 

When I left you last, I had moved permanently to our place in Miami Beach (where my wife grew up). Finally made it back to see our family – daughter, son-in-law, grandson – in the summer of 2020. They fled NYC to Croton-on-Hudson shortly after that. Their basement is bigger than their entire NYC apartment! We made another trip north (driving) this August expecting to return right after Labor Day. Hurricane Ida changed that. Our upstairs neighbors with the huge terrace let the drain clog. Hundreds of gallons of water poured into our apartment when it overflowed. Mold came 3 weeks later. We are at the beginning of an unexpected, unplanned, and unwanted renovation. And, we are still in Croton-on-Hudson getting everything ready for the repairs. We do get extended time with our grandson so there is a bit of a silver lining to this story. Mystery solved why my location is different.

I’ll add the class dues link one more time. Please go to the web site below and send us your pledge, payment and class information in one easy step! 1974 Dues

I do hope this letter finds you and your loved ones well. Take care everyone.

Your treasurer,
74 Kent 1st name

Harvey Kent

P.S. A note on the difference between class dues and gifts to the Yale Alumni Fund: Class dues specifically support the activities of our Class, whereas annual donations to the Alumni Fund are used to address the most pressing needs of the University and directly benefit current students. Please consider contributing to both of these important appeals in particular in support of Yale and our class.


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