Month: March 2023

  • May 2023 Class Notes

    May 2023 Class Notes

    Compiled March 17, 2023 Happy St. Patrick’s Day!! Or as a NYC bartender friend of mine calls it “Amateur Hour”. When pressed on the appellation, he responded, “its one of three days the suburban yahoos come in to get drunk.” The others: New Year’s Eve and the night before Thanksgiving when the “college boys” come…

  • March 2023 Class Notes

    March 2023 Class Notes

    Compiled January 2023 by Alec Haverstick Why, I often ask myself, do I constantly think I’m 35 when I’m twice that age? My body must know I’m 70 or at least it tells me so on a regular basis, and all the core exercises I do regularly for strength and balance from inch worms to…